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Le Mont Saint Michel II
by Sil 16 May of 2002

Sunset in front of Saint Michel Mount. A lot of caravans rush in front of it. Not many cars and one tent. I am considering camping in mine. People with their hands in their pockets walk silent to the shore. The tide is moving towards. Having seen during the day the huge sandy extension, you would never say it takes such a little time for water to cover it. I do not want to leave this place tonight.

For me, this mount has a very special meaning. Somebody close to me gave me, many years ago, a puzzle and I had to build the mount Saint-Michel figure. It took me a long time, I lived good moments while building the figure, discovering its in-and-outs, looking for the sense of its architecture, imagining its reality. Some years later, in which happened a lot of things and trying to avoid my lack of affection, I burnt the puzzle with many other personal properties. Today I feel that ending changed the puzzle into a mandala for me. Such a long time trying to build it as good as possible (though I did it trying to avoid my woeful family situation) and finally burning it off. Illustration.

When I was driving in that road and I saw the imposing mount I grew dumb. Its magnificence impressed me, its hugeness, in spite of knowing it inch by inch.

Walking those streets, much narrower and more twisted than I could do in paper, recognising that fortified tower that never fit well in my puzzle, the mount I confirmed it was finally well constructed…

I am here, in front of Saint-Michel mount. Sun sets an the mount is being lightened. It moves me. One more stage in my journey. One step. I know dreams can come true.

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