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Section 4 - Mie's Dispersion.


Mie's Dispersion is used to study the interaction between light and particles of big size. We call a "big particle" when its size is bigger than a wave length. A big particle behaves like a mirror in the atmosphere, without any preference of any colour contained in the incident white light.

This type of interaction is the one that takes place between the sunlight and the clouds in the sky, since the clouds are composed by big sized non-coloured drops of water. These drops reflect as a mirror the white polychrome light that interacts with them, without changing the light colour. This is the reason because clouds appear white coloured in the sky.

When some particles of the air have a similar size of one wave length, of any colour, then they spread the light in a different way, irradiating a big range of different colours. This is the origin of the rest of the colours that we can see in the sky.

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