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Why is blue the sky?
by Ana 17 de Mayo de 2002
Ana: Interesada en los paralelismos entre la espiritualidad y la física, acerca lo científico al mundo del día a día.
Translated by: Cristina Fernández Pereda
cfpereda@terra.es | cfpereda@hotmail.com | tlf. 917175779
Section 1 - Introduction

The sky, the earth's atmosphere, the privilege of the single living planet known. No matter where we are, we all share the same sky.

The colours in the sky vary from blue to white, pink, green, orange, violet… Its image is so changeful that you can not see it twice. The changing colour in the sky is due to the sunlight interaction with the planet atmosphere.

Sunlight is white, also called polychrome (the addition of all the colours of the rainbow) and the atmosphere contains a certain amount of humidity, normally small, as well as dust and ash particles.

The interaction between polychrome sunlight and atmosphere, with its particles hanging in the air, is enough to bring us a coloured sky.
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